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Event: ‘Play as a Catalyst’ by Ben Schouten

There is no end to play. Animals and humans do it, children, mums and grandpas, individuals, small groups, and crowds. It has no purpose, and it can be spontaneous and organised. Yet a purpose may be discovered.

Play as a Catalyst

Join us this Friday 15th April for another exciting lecture, this time by professor Ben Schouten. Entrance is free and lunch is included!

Friday 15th
10:00 -15:00 – including lunch
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Play is not real, but it feels real. It is somehow elicited, sometimes by a game, but there is nothing like improvisation. In play you can easily become someone, or something else. Be an apple, or a cleaning lady, or a flask of hydrogen powder, or an astronaut dancing on Alpha Centauri.

Because of its freedom play can be meaningful and inefficient at the same time. Sometimes it relates to fantasy, sometimes to the real. Play can open minds, but there is no guarantee that it will. Play can be the backdrop of various activities, commercial, political, architectural. Play and learn, or not. Play design is this wonderful activity in which seduction, rules, roles, interaction, and aims are proposed. It can be more pleasurable than play itself. Or maybe play design is play. In any case it represents a vision on design that is different from what other design disciplines are accustomed to. This lecture will be a display of play with a range of inspiring examples.

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